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01 September 2019

HOLD-UPS symbol of seduction ... And would you wear them?

They are the symbol of sensuality par excellence, especially if combined with a garter belt. Of course, the lace should never be shown for any reason, elegance first of all!


The hold-ups make the leg sinuous, elegant and sexy.

The boom of the hold-ups came in the 80s with the miniskirt that in those years gave a breakthrough to women's clothing.

Before then the socks were handmade, they had no silicone and worn with garter belt since the '30s.

Some advices :

If you love lace, wear your hold-ups or stockings with garter belt under soft clothes and baggy pants, because the lace effect under tight clothes is not at all nice to see.

Pay close attention to the size, the top, with our without silicone, tends to roll up if it is too tight.

If you have soft shapes, you can choose the “Curvy” hold-ups with more comfortable sizes that will allow you to feel at ease and very sexy.

For important dinners and ceremonies the stockings must be sheer, fifteen or twenty deniers and remember to bring in your bag a spare pair.

Choose the flowery, polka dots or geometric patterns according to your physicality. As a rule, the hold-up must always be lighter than the shoe. As for the plain coloured opaque products, instead, make fun with the colours, at the end a colourful stocking gives a touch of life even in the most worn out dress.v

Suggestions to keep your hold-up close fitted:

Take care of the silicone part which, if properly held and washed, will last for a long time.

We recommend to wash the hold-up by hand with neutral soap and the silicone must not get abrasions. For the best fit, avoid using cosmetics or powder talc before wearing the hold-up in order to keep the silicone lace-band well fitted.

Occasionally, lightly rub the silicone bands with cotton soaked in alcohol to clean and restore the original adherence of the bands.

The top of the hold-up must be kept in the thigh area and not up to the groin, the best is, at least, 3 - 4 cm under the buttocks.